246 Expats Malta246 Expats Malta was established in 2010 offering expats a social group providing organised events and activities.  Now hosted by Cheryl Jordan

246 Expats Malta [referred to in the rules as "the Group"] is an Expat Social Group.

Aims and Objectives:

To provide expats living and visiting Malta organized social events and activities as well as preferred benefits and discounts offered only to card holding members.


  1. Applicants for membership must be an expat/foreign national.
  2. There are no age restrictions for membership.  All ages are welcome.
  3. Prospective members cannot attend more than one event/function prior without joining.
  4. Application for membership shall be on the form provided by 246 Expats Malta.
  5. Minimum information required from applications: Name, contact telephone, email, and expatriate home country.
  6. Membership is granted after: (a) Membership application details are verified as correct and; (b) the member has paid membership fees.
  7. Membership is per person.  Spouses/Partners who are expats as well must also join after attending one event as a guest.

Code of Conduct:

Members have a responsibility to:

  1. Treat other Group members fairly, equally and with respect.
  2. Follow any reasonable direction or requirement given by the host or authorised member of the Group.
  3. Not discriminate against any person (member or otherwise).
  4. Refrain from behaviour that could offend or embarass others.
  5. Maintain the harmony and good name of the Group and its members, with the Group and outside in the community.


  1. Members may only bring expats as guests
  2. Guests are welcome to events and functions which are not marked "Members and Invitation Only" events.
  3. Members may only bring a particular guest to one event.  Qualifying guests may join the group in order to continue attending events/functions and take advantage of member discounts.

Membership Fees:

  1. Membership fees are payable in advance.
  2. Membership period is for one year from July 1st through June 30th and are NOT pro-rated.
  3. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership Cards:

  1. Membership cards are valid for one person only.
  2. Presentation of membership card by member is required for most discounts or preferred services.
  3. Membership cards have no monetary value and is not transferable.
  4. Membership cards are the property of 246 Expats Malta and may be withdrawn at any time.

Termination of Membership:

Any member may resign their membership at anytime.

Members who have resigned, forfeit all rights to, and claims upon the Group, its property and funds, but shall not be discharged or freed from any liabilities to the Group, which may have been accrued by that member.

246 Expats Malta may terminate a Group membership if it considers that a member has been tardy in payment of membership fees or expenses levied in respect of any social activity in which the member has participated. 

You understand that your right to attend is conditioned upon your compliance with these rules, and your payment of dues.

Alterations of Rules:

The rules of the Group may be altered, added to, or rescinded at any time with notifications posted on the Group website.

Date: 01 March 2014