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Mic C. (Denmark)

I can wholeheartedly recommend joining 246 Expats Malta. Since I came to Malta, joining 246 has played the single most important part in establishing a social circle here, and today I am happy to call quite a few of its members my good friends, life here wouldn’t be the same without her/246expats. Love you guys!

Mic C. (Denmark)

Andrew W. (UK)

246 Expats Malta is an excellent friendly, well run group, enabling you to plus straight into a social scene in an unfamiliar territory.

Andrew W. (UK)

Rachel S. (UK)

246 expats has been a lifeline for me. Settling into a foreign country is harder than we realise and an expats group is a great way to meet people and get advice from where do I buy a car battery to what do I do about my terrible landlord!! But 246 is not any old expats(…)

Rachel S. (UK)

Membership and Guests

  • Membership is open to expats/foreign nationals only who are living or visiting Malta.  Please review Member Rules for additional information.

  • Membership is open to all expats/foreign nationals living or visiting Malta. You can complete the application online and pay membership dues (€30.00 per person) via PayPal or check the "cash payment" box to pay in person at an upcoming event. New members can also join by contacting Cheryl Jordan, the host at one of our events. Online payments via credit card have a €2-euro handling fee.  Membership is not complete until payment is received.

  • If you are an active 246 Expats Malta member you are welcome and encouraged to bring other expats as a guest to one of 246 Expats Malta events as a non-member. All guests are allowed to attend one (1) event such as a Friday Night Drinks before being required to join. Friends and family of members, who are expats, are allowed to attend one event as a guest.

    All guests must be an expat/foreign national and are required to pay the €2.00 attendance fee at Friday Night Drinks and will be able to take advantage of any membership drink specials.

    Please make sure you introduce your guests to other members and your host, Cheryl Jordan.

  • If you are an expat that is not a member and would like to attend an event as a guest before joining, you are more than welcome to attend one of our Friday Night Drinks to preview the group. All guests are required to pay the €2.00 attendance fee at Friday Night Drinks as well as take advantage of any membership drink specials.

    Non-members are allowed to attend ONE event only before being required to join.

246 Expats Events

  • Whenever we are planning a new event we will:

    1. Add the new activity to our 246 Expats Malta events calendar on our website;
    2. Open events (first time non-members and guests can attend) will be posted on both the 246 Expats Malta Facebook page and the TWOFOURSIX Expats Malta Facebook Group.
    3. Private events for Members and Invited Guests will be posted 
    4. Send out an email notification to all members as well as follow up reminders.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the event information all 246 Expats Malta members and any guests that are expats are welcome to all 246 Expats Malta events.

    Please remember that guests/non-members must be foreign nationals and are allowed to attend ONE event without joining the group and becoming a member. 

    Occasionally there will be events that are limited to active 246 Expats Members only and invited guests.  These events may be birthdays, anniversaries, good-bye parties, etc.

  • All events offered by 246 Expats Malta are optional and open for you to attend.  

    There are no attendance requirements as a member but of course we love to see our members at our events.

  • Any costs associated with events will be listed in the event information on the 246 Expats Malta events calendar or on a Facebook Event listing.

    Here are some "typical costs":

    Friday Night Drinks: €2 euros per non-members
    Day Boat Trips: €25-30 per person
    Restaurant Meals: €28-35 per person- depending on the type of menu

    (Please remember that all prices are subject to change
    and are specific to the event or venue.)

    Some events have optional coach transportation that will range in costs depending on the event.  Currently boat trips have 4 pick-up locations in Sliema, St. Julian's and Salina that will take members to the boat location at a cost of approx. €4.50 per person/round trip.

    Dinners, Luncheons and other special events or activities will range in cost depending on the details.  246 Expats Malta makes every effort to secure rates that are at a discount if attended individually.

  • 246 Expats Malta tends to have an area reserved for events.  Some venues will have signage to direct guests.  If you do not recognize any members and the event is located in a public setting (bar, restaurant, nightclub, etc.) you can usually ask a venue staff member to point you in the right direction.

    If you are lost or cannot find the group you may ring Cheryl Jordan on her mobile at +356 99885352.

  • Friday Night Drinks are scheduled year-round (with a few omitted evenings during the holiday season) at upscale bars and restaurants in the Sliema, St. Julians and Valletta areas.  The locations are typically posted 2-3 weeks prior.)

    Both Day Swim Boat Trips and Night BBQ Boat Trips are scheduled throughout the summer months (May through Sept) and are usually posted mid-Spring.

    Holidays dinners and events are scheduled during December and the 246 Expats Malta Anniversary dinner is held typically in March.

  • The 246 Expats Malta Boat Trips are favourite events for many of our members.  Make sure you read all information for the specific date/boat trip that you are attending as some details may vary slightly from trip to trip.

    Day Swim Boat Trips:

    Make sure to bring swimming gear, towel, sunblock, hats, water floats, etc.

    Everyone should bring their own food and drinks on board.

    25 max people aboard and this trip is appropriate for adults and children.

    Night BBQ Boat Trips:

    You can purchase drinks from the boat (from 6:30pm) at very reasonable prices.  There is an hour or so where the boat will be gone to get BBQ supplies so make sure that you have water and possibly some snack foods for you to last.

    Folding seat, blanket, umbrella, swimming and snorkeling gear.

    Coach Transport:  Round trip transportation is available for approx. €4.50 per person.  Please bring exact change to be paid upon boarding the coach.  Refer to details for specific date for exact pick-up times.

    • Preluna Hotel front door-Sliema
    • The Villa/Le Meridian bus stop
    • McDonalds St Julian’s
    • Salini veg corner

Payments and Refunds

  • Boat Trips:  If you need to cancel your booking on a boat trip, every effort should be made to cancel as soon as possible.  If we are unable to book a replacement we will not be able to refund you.  Cancellations that are made at least 10 days in advance will be refunded or if an emergency prevents you from attending.

    Special Dinners & Luncheons:  Most special event dinners and luncheons must be cancelled 7 days in advance in order to receive a refund.   Please refer to specific event details for additional information.

    Cancellations Due to Weather:  Most events that are dependent on the weather (i.e., boat trips, outdoor functions, etc.) will always be refundable if they are cancelled due to weather.  You will have an option for a full refund or to apply it to another event.


  • Online Payment:

    We have recently established a PayPal account (info@246expatsmalta.com) which will allow members to pay for annual membership fees and other events online with their credit card.  There is a €2-euro handling fee per transaction.

    We will only accept online payment up to 10 days prior to an event in order to process and transfer funds.

    Refunds of fees paid via PayPal will either be refunded through PayPal or via cash.  Any refund of PayPal payments will be made minus any handling fees charged.

    Cash Payment:

    Payments via cash are always welcome and can be made at any event.  Please keep in mind that membership, reservations and bookings are NOT confirmed until payment has been received.

    Cheques are not accepted


Website, Email & Social Media

  • New members are automatically added to our email list.  We will send emails to members to notify them of:

    1. New events details and links (usually reminders will also follow)
    2. Any changes, cancellations or event updates
    3. Updates to discounts and promotions offered to members

    Please review our Privacy Policy but we will NOT share your information with anyone unless you specifically authorise us to do so. We will do our best not to send too many emails and you can always unsubscribe at anytime.  If you have any questions or problems please send an email to: info@246expatsmalta.com.

  • 246 Expats Malta has a Facebook page (please like us) for general information and posting of open events and a Facebook group for members only. If you are a Facebook user, we encourage all active members to request to join the Facebook Group for updates and information.  Members may sent potential members to our website at 246expatsmalta.com or the Facebook page.

    246 Expats Malta Facebook Page:




  • We often take photos at 246 Expats Malta events to share with members and for use on our website, in marketing materials and other promotional communications. If you are "smiling for the camera" when photos are taken at events we will assume that you are fine with photos being posted to social media sites, online galleries, etc.

    If you do NOT want your photo to be posted or used please send an email to: info@246expatsmalta.com.  We will do our best to make sure that your wishes to not be included in posted photos are carried out.  

    If there is a photo that you do not want to have posted please let us know and we will remove any posts as soon as possible.

Night BBQ Boat Trips: Make sure to bring a chair/blanket, swim/snorkeling gear, water and sun protection.  Beverages are available from the boat after 6:30pm.

Night BBQ Boat Trips: Make sure to bring a chair/blanket, swim/snorkeling gear, water and sun protection. Beverages are available from the boat after 6:30pm.
Day Swim Boat Trip: Bring a dish to share with the group.  Don

Day Swim Boat Trip: Bring a dish to share with the group. Don't forget utensils, cups, napkins, etc. and your beverage of choice.
Friday Night Drinks: Bring your 246 Expats Malta membership card to show barmen when ordering drinks to receive special pricing.  Make sure you pay the €2 per person fee when you arrive.

Friday Night Drinks: Bring your 246 Expats Malta membership card to show barmen when ordering drinks to receive special pricing. Make sure you pay the €2 per person fee when you arrive.